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silly tees

i've been meaning to write about this since friday night, but i was kind of either too busy or too drunk or too asleep to do so.

so. on friday night, cam and i went to dinner after work (standard for the every other friday that paul spends with cam's parents). before cam picked me up, i went to the work open bar with my assistant and a few other folks from our floor. cam showed up before i finished my drink, so i downed my g&t and left.

a g&t on an empty stomach. mmm. i was pretty happy before we even left downtown.

we ate at red robin. two beers each. mmm. i could have curled up and gone to sleep.

on our way out, we passed through nordstrom. a girl in a red "usc girls rock" t-shirt walked past us. cam and i squeezed hands (the universal signal for "get a load of that").

me: now, the question is -- did she buy that or did she have it made?
cam: she had to buy that.
cam: if she had it made, it would be in puffy paint.
me: no, it would have been in puffy paint if she had made it herself.

i then went on to describe a shirt i had once owned as a child with the same kind of velvety lettering as on usc girl's shirt. part of the way through the story it hit me that i was drunk-babbling because nobody but my mom (and the friend who gave it to me) should know about this shirt.

cam: you can't start talking about this and not tell me what it said.
me: [sheepishly] on the front, it said "grace..."
me: on the back, "... is cute."
cam: har!
me: [desperately] i didn't buy it!

while we were chatting, i caught a glimpse of an odd sight. i clutched cam's arm. walking in our direction, not too far from us, were two young men. one was dressed in an ordinary shirt, so ordinary i couldn't even tell you what color it was. the other was in a bright blue tee with the cheerful text, "i love hot moms."

as they passed by, cam murmured that he'd tell me a secret.

me: what?
cam: he checked you out.
me: what?
me: who?
cam: i love hot moms.
me: [snort]
cam: i wasn't going to tell you which one, but you had to ask!

i laughed all the way home. god bless alcohol, self-aggrandizing girls and oedipal boys.



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