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sunday drive

the other day we were playing in the backyard.

sitting on a blanket on the deck, paul declared that we were riding in a maximum car. daddy was to be the driver, i was a passenger. paul, sitting between us, was to be the "keeper-eyer."
i took that to be the navigator.

paul: the keeper-eyer always keeps an eye on where the car goes.
paul: if you don't have a keeper-eyer, you always crash.

we drove around for miles and miles, but because paul insisted that car needed new spark plugs we had to stop. amusingly enough, the passenger suddenly had no choice but to become the auto parts dealer. one of my specialties, apparently, was the spray-painting of imaginary spark plugs to match the whims of the keeper-eyer.

sometimes i really wonder why we even bother buying toys. the imagination seems to be the best toy of all.



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