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this is

paul is obsessed with "this is daniel cook." we have about 40 eps tivo'd (which comes out to what, 200 minutes?).

his favorites seem to be "learning about electricity" and "learning to figure skate" (which paul calls "finger skate").

a few weeks ago, cam showed us a video of paul checking out the corn in his grandparents' backyard. i could almost see the titles on the screen. "this is paul picking corn."

since then, i've been puzzling in my head what paul's theme song might be. i recently learned about "this is emily yeung," so i see that the music (which totally gets stuck in your head) can be used with other words.

this is baby paul
reading books
in a park
picking corn
on a walk
to different places
with happy faces
we'll have lots of fun
with baby paul

paul wants his own show. "let's make a book, a cd, a dvd!" he crows.



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