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a little romance

the other night we went to a local souplantation ("the salad place") for dinner. this restaurant is now partially spoiled for me because of a very nice little girl.

shortly after sitting down, paul decided he had to go to the potty. because cam is just... not good at taking paul to public restrooms, i took him. i like the restroom there because they have a nice big handicapped stall with a fold-down changing table inside it. i usually sit paul on the changing table (because i can't trust him to go running around with bare feet, touching EVERYTHING in sight) while i put the paper cover on the toilet and then his folding potty seat on top of that. this time, paul wouldn't stop talking. talk, talk, talk. i can see how cam gets stressed. he read all the signs in the stall and wanted to know what they meant. after we were done, i wiped down the counter so he could sit down and wash his hands. he's particularly fond of the "pregnancy and alcohol do not mix" sign by the soap dispenser.

anyway, while we were washing hands, a pretty little girl at the other sink started talking to us.

pyt: he is SO cute.
pyt: what's your name?
paul: [stunned] paul.
pyt: i'm sitting at the table next to yours.
me: did you know that, paul?
paul: [stunned silence]
pyt: i'll see you later!
paul: [stunned] okay.

when we got back to the table, paul spotted her and from that moment on, had NO INTEREST IN FOOD. in fact, he only ate when i put food in his mouth. he was too busy waving at her.

pyt: [laughing] he's not shy!
me: [laughing weakly]
me: [whispering] paul, stop that -- let the poor girl eat.

he was enraptured. when she got up, he casually declared he wanted to get more food. i looked at his full plate and sighed. he nearly got whiplash when cam informed him that she had already returned to her table.

toward the end of the meal, he suddenly decided she needed to see his temporary tattoo. he waved his arm at her several times, pointing at the faded image, but she never looked up.

when we left, i was relieved to see that paul was very nonchalant about walking past her table. i don't know what i would have done if he had made a big flourishy scene, complete with boombox on his head.



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