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yesterday i made fried chicken for my two guys (which they very much liked, although i'm not sure i'll make it again until we hook up the vent in the kitchen). today my mom treated me to faux chicken (which i infinitely preferred).

she also brought veggie beef and veggie shrimp -- takeout from a restaurant we recently read about in the paper: papillon.

oh my god. i had been in a bit of a snit on the way home, but the food was so surprisingly good that my spirits were in infinitely better shape post-dinner. papillon is a filipino/chinese vegetarian restaurant in el segundo, about 20 miles from our house. there had been a write-up on it in a local paper, which my in-laws saved for me. i gave the review to my mother and tasked her with checking it out. i had actualy meant that she should go eat there with a friend, but she had her own ideas.

she called me at work and informed me that she had picked up a few dishes for us to try. i was initially mad because we had other plans (paul spent the day with cam's folks, so we were going to grab dinner and go shopping), but i didn't exactly wish to reward her generosity with cold bitchiness. so we came home and ate. she bought two veggie dishes ("papillon express" and "el florido") and one chicken one (yes, this place also has some nonvegetarian options). cam cooked rice. my mom brought over some wild rice, but the three of us ended up eating just the white rice.

we all ate far too much, but it was good stuff. i'm a little apprehensive about paul eating there, though. we'll need to find out if they use soy sauce with wheat (cam noted with surprise that the little tiny packets of soy sauce included with our food was actually wheat-free), and we'll also need to ask about their meat substitutes. my mom already asked about eggs and dairy, and we're cool there.

it's been a long time since "ethnic" dining meant anything other than mexican or italian. and it's been almost as long since we've found a fairly local vegetarian restaurant. ever since house of vege in lomita changed owners, we haven't been back. (we've planned to, but the decrepit signage out front always makes me cringe.) i was so sad when vegan terra in san pedro closed -- even though their ethics weren't quite the same as mine, the food still made me happy. this place isn't quite so close, but think about it -- it's, well, closer than the philippines (and significantly less meaty). have i mentioned that i haven't really had a whole lot of filipino food in the last ten years? this could change that.



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