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we had another barbeque this evening -- tonight we had hot dogs, veggie skewers (i chopped up a lot of vegetables yesterday, obviously) and beer.

paul: [looking at his bottle of root beer] rinness.
me: we are SUCH bad role models.

it was kind of funny how we could all say we had hot dogs for dinner, yet no one ate the same thing as the person next to them (or across from them) -- i had a veggie dog in a regular bun, cam had a regular hot dog in a regular bun, paul had a regular hot dog wrapped in a corn tortilla. intolerances and preferences make for a short-order-cook kind of life sometimes.

the flies were all over us. (i had no idea flies liked beer.) but because we got started much earlier in the evening, we were able to be done by dark -- so at least we could see when the flies were on our plates, bottles, us, etc.

even though i really really wanted to go out to eat, i thought this was quite nice. i feel a little dumb that we're starting these "summer" activities so late in the season, but life in so cal means we don't need to stop once september is upon us.



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