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paul really likes the map section of "world and space," an old childcraft book we unearthed at my aunt's house. (the set of childcraft books at her house originally belonged to my brother and myself, but i don't really remember most of them.) of particular interest to paul is a map of a town where you have to go two blocks north -- from your house -- up main street and one block west on ogilvie street in order to go to the school. paul has been saying ogilvie a lot lately.

me: we can have a kid and name him "ogilvie."
me: we can call him "baby oggo." [bonus points if you thought of deko boko friends]
paul: no, we'll get a kid and call it "baby mommy."
paul: and it will look just like you!
me: where would we get this baby?
me: from the kid store?
paul: yes.



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