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overly talkative stranger

standing in front of the elevator at target, a heavyset mohawked woman started talking to paul. first she admired his purple crocs.

woman: those are cool.
woman: but do your feet get sweaty?
paul: [silence]
cam: i don't know, i've never worn any.

paul showed her his fading jellyfish tattoo. she admired it, then proceeded to show him hers -- red handcuffs (i think?) on her wrist, then she pulled her shirt open (much to my horror) to display a brightly colored tiger above her right breast. then the doors opened and we got on the elevator.

another woman got on the elevator before the doors closed. mohawk says to her, "we're showing off our tattoos." good god. paul piped up, "mommy has one, too." then he tried to pull up my sleeve, but i was smilingly uncooperative. mohawk laughed. "kids," she said, "they're always saying things they shouldn't."

when we got off the elevator, mohawk went off cheerfully to a motorized scooter cart. cam, paul and i went straight to the railing. cam expressed some disbelief about how, um, open she had been about her chest art.

me: say hi to the girls!
cam: seriously.
paul: hi! [waving]
me: i didn't mean literally.

i was glad we didn't run into her again. god only knows what else she had to show.



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