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school shopping

this weekend i went to a local bass outlet to try to find some replacement everyday work shoes. i found a pair fairly quickly -- black mary janes, flat, with white top-stitching (that vaguely reminded me of a pair of docs i wore back in the day). there was one pair of size six in black hidden in a tall stack of boxes of the same shoe in brown. feeling rather victorious, i modeled one for cam. he gave his approval, then ran away to chase paul down another aisle.

as i was putting my shoe back on, a family came up right next to me. the mother pointed at the shoes in the display (MY shoes) and told her daughter (who was maybe 12) that those would be perfect for school. the girl agreed and started to scan the sizes.

mother: what size are you?
girl: aren't i a five?
mother: i think that was last year.
girl: oh, that's right, six.

with a slightly guilty feeling i picked up my shoebox and walked away. i made it as far as the corner before i turned around and asked the mother, "excuse me, you're looking for six in black, right?" then i handed over the box to the slightly mystified woman, smiled and walked away.

cam laughed ruefully when i told him how i had lost my shoes and made some remark about karma. (but i'm not earl.) i'm not particularly sad to have lost out on those shoes -- sure, it would have been nice to be able to replace the shoes i've been wearing out over the last six years. but i do remember what a drag the back-to-school sales could be, so i was happy to help speed these folks along.



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