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soft underfoot

got six samples from flor. maybe i was expecting too much, but i was pretty disappointed. (for the record, i got the puzzle piece one in blue, morning coffee (latte), working class (cool gray), pressed flowers, twiggy (taupe), and happy landings (teal).) none of them impressed me enough to consider using it in my living room. we liked twiggy, but it's a light use selection. let's be honest, our living room takes a lot of abuse, and i expect that a light-use rug would get pretty fucked up pretty quickly.

and so the haphazard rug search continues. am currently in love love love with angela adams' birch (morning), but it's too expensive for me to willingly subject it to paul. also have some love for the karastan plum blossom rug, but that one is a bit too... popular. (mariska looks lovely in the ad, though.)

trudge, trudge, trudge. part of me wants to stop the hunt for perfection and just get something cheap so we can live with a rug for a while (no more wanton sliding of the coffee table), but temporary has an irritating habit of becoming permanent around here.



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