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sow's ear

i've been obsessing over my living room furniture lately. the ektorp 3-seater is currently in my sights. even though it's only a few years old, it already looks like hell. i know we could fix it up with a new slipcover, but ikea hasn't really come out with a fabric option that has been appealing enough. i've considered bleaching the slipcover we have -- a very stained idemo beige -- and going white, but i'm a little intimidated by that project. besides, ikea does have a white one available if i want to go that route. in the meantime, i've ordered some nice wooden bun feet to replace the stock plastic ones. i'm not sure if this will improve the sofa much, but it can't hurt. after all, new shoes can work wonders for an old outfit. (or so i've heard, anyway.)



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