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this or that?

last night we went to souplantation for dinner. i would have cooked, but the water was off because my mom was having a faucet installed outside. (excuses, excuses.)

when we were seated, paul asked me if THE girl was there. i sighed.

me: no, baby, she's not here.
me: she and her family must be eating somewhere else for dinner.
paul: oh.

he got over it quickly enough (after all, there were other girls there), but he was clearly bummed for a second there. i was telling my mom about it this morning, rolling my eyes at paul's behavior. "i didn't expect this stuff to start so early!"

across the room, cam laughed. "but maybe he'll be more willing to go if he thinks she's going to be there..."

i concede this is a good point (getting a toddler out of the house can be an absolute trial sometimes), but i am not really ready to trade toys for girls in terms of bribery.



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