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and the sun is always shining in hell

at the ripe old age of almost four, i would describe paul as an eternal optimist with a persecution complex. even while declaring that several people are trying to hurt him, he will staunchly state that nothing bad can ever happen.

the anti-disaster confidence can be a little disconcerting sometimes. this morning we were looking at a science book and reading the section on tidal waves.

me: those look scary.
paul: don't worry.
paul: we don't get tidal waves in california.
me: we don't?
paul: [worldweary] they only happen far away.
me: oh.

crashes and accidents are merely "impact tests." a dead pig being tortured in various ways on mythbusters is not really a dead pig -- "it's made of gelatin."

the out-to-get-me thinking is also kind of freaky. you'd be surprised how many imaginary people have been total imaginary assholes. sometimes the assholes are his parents. sometimes i get really tired of being cast as the villain in my son's made-up tableau (even if i do twirl my moustache most appealingly).

i'm not sure where he gets the optimistic side of his personality. god knows i'm a pessimist of the first water (and that goes hand-in-hand with the whole persecution thing) and cam isn't exactly all puppy dogs and roses himself. hm. maybe i need to observe him a bit more closely to see if it's more denial than optimism. THAT'S something i can get behind.



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