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evolving tastes

when paul used to request (demand) to use my computer, he always wanted to play preschool games -- nick jr., playhouse disney, thomas the tank engine, etc. etc. etc. then he went through a heavy video phase -- rube goldberg videos, punkin chunkins, trebuchets, lego stop-motion, roller coaster tycoon, stuff set to the music of they might be giants. he went back to games for a while (we spent SO much time looking for rube goldberg games), but eventually he developed an interest in "howstuffworks" videos, which seemed like the natural companion for one of his favorite shows, "how it's made."

i'm marshall brain, and THIS is how stuff works.

but as he gets older, he seems to getting less and less interested in the inner workings of machinery and more and more interested in the art of slapstick. the child is now positively obsessed with "tom and jerry." it's truly fascinating to see him laughing uproariously about a cat getting beat up in all sorts of ways. before, when he wanted me to see things on television, he would find the remote, rewind and pause, then come get me. now he just yells, "look!" and then erupts into a pile of belly-laughs.

my small wonder has suddenly become a real boy.

but his newfound affection for the cat vs. mouse hasn't dimmed his love for a good set of contraptions. his current computer game of choice? "tom's trap-o-matic" on the cartoon network site. "tom-and-jerry-rube-goldberg-GAME, tom-and-jerry-rube-goldberg-GAME!" he chants as he climbs up onto the bed in order to grab the laptop.



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