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in the dark

i was awakened very early this morning by a sudden burst of static. in a panic, i woke up cam, who informed me in a remarkably non-sleepy voice that the power had just gone out. ah, i thought, that explained the static (the baby monitor we still use) and the somewhat unearthly glow of the green and blue candeloos right next to my head (they went on when the charger died). i went right back to sleep.

a little while after that i woke up -- still in the dark -- because paul was crying. crap! i didn't even think about the fact that his nightlights would be out, too. green candeloo in hand, i went to his room and tried to comfort him. as usual when he's upset, he was in a big anti snit.

paul: i want nothing.
paul: i want the power to just stay away.
me: okay, then we'll just stay in the dark.
paul: okay.
paul: i want light.

i stayed in his room with him and tried to sleep, but it was hard because every 15 minutes or so he'd kick me and sob something about the power. finally he decided it was time to be up and around.

paul: does the tv use electricity?
paul: does the floor use electricity?
paul: does the potty use electricity?

i stuck it out as long as i could, but i felt so crappy that i ended up waking cam and making him take over. then i went back to bed. cam brought me some toast he made on the stove. what a sweetheart.

the power didn't come back on until almost noon. by then i was starting to lament the potential loss of our freezer contents (again), so i was much relieved to see all was still nice and frosty in there. cam had already taken paul over to his parents' house with two gallons of milk in tow.

it's funny how life feels put on hold without electricity. it's nice and quiet -- jumped when everything went back on! -- but we depend so much on power for just about everything. occasionally i'll read about people and their planned electricity-free days and think that it sounds like such a liberating experience, but really, if you haven't planned for it, it's just a royal pain in the ass.



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