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here it is, the official write-up of paul's first day of preschool: it sort of went well.

we were about ten minutes late because cam thought class started at 10 instead of 9:30. it was not the most auspicious beginning.

paul didn't want to sit on the little mats. he didn't want to listen to the story. he didn't want to stay in line. he didn't want to play with the others. he cried when the whole group got to say what kind of weather we were having. he didn't even want to stand.

i didn't think we were going to stay the whole time, but we did. or rather -- cam did. about halfway through, i couldn't deal anymore, the nausea was killing me (from all the crouching, getting up, sitting down, chasing paul). got the car keys from cam and passed out in the car. i woke up when cam ran by the car after playground time to see how i was doing.

at 11:30, i got up and went inside. the teacher was singing and the kids were all sitting on the little mats. except paul. paul was lying on the floor on the other side of the room. cam was sitting with him.

but even though he seemed to be fairly anti, when the class ended, he shouted "bye!" and hugged the teacher. he said "bye" to everyone and was nice and smiley. except, of course, when the other parents wanted a group picture. paul refused to be in it. he ran away. when he finally agreed, he stood a foot in front of the others.

but the teacher said he did well, especially for a child who has never been in a group environment before. i have my doubts. i couldn't decide if i wanted to laugh, cry or just be embarrassed.

after school, i thought we were leaving, but cam was a little concerned about a boy who was sitting by himself outside (his mother was inside with the teacher). we went over to see how he was doing. next thing i knew, he and paul were sort of playing together, sort of playing next to each other. we ended up staying for another hour while the boys played -- first on the grass, then in the playground. when the boy's mother came out to find her son, she found the four of us over at the swings. she was... a character, but she was super-friendly and kept suggesting paul come over to her house to play.

so. paul was non-compliant and grumpy, for the most part, but he seemed happy with school after it was over and he did a craft project i put on the mantel. plus he made a friend. i think that counts as a tiny victory, maybe even a tiny success.



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