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cam and i bought some school clothes for paul at sears (i like lands end, what can i say?). long-torso'd child that he is, we bought him toddler-sized pants and little kid-sized shirts. if paul had come with us, i'm sure the errand would have taken over an hour. but me and cam, we're pros -- i think we were in and out of there in about 15 minutes.

we stuck to basics: jeans, cords, solid-color t-shirts. cam kept showing me little quilted jackets with corduroy patches ("he'd need a pipe," said cam). i would have liked cuter stuff, but the boys department was pretty spare. how i would have loved garanimals.

shopping for new clothes for paul is a lot like shopping for new clothes for cam. it's such a utilitarian experience. object to cover upper body, check. object to cover lower body, check. foot protection, check. granted, shopping for paul is a little more emotional because we look at the smaller sizes with nostalgia and weep with despair that he's ready to graduate to school-appropriate attire, but the results are similar. how long will it be before paul's entire wardrobe consists of jeans and solid-color t-shirts?



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