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upon hearing that my mother is diabetic, the nurse at my prenatal registration class casually said that i should have my glucose level checked. fine, we said. don't eat anything after midnight the night before, she said. fine, we said.

saturday morning we showed up at the lab at 7 am, thinking it would be a straight shot to the techs and back out again. fine, we thought. no, not fine. i wasn't here just to get a fasting reading taken, i was here for the one-hour glucose test. our reaction to the lab tech at the counter must have amused her very much.

so i obediently downed an orange soda and planted myself on a chair in the waiting room. since i wasn't even supposed to walk around, all i could do was look helplessly at paul as he pestered cam to take him someplace else. they walked and walked and walked, much to the unhappiness of a poor tired cam, who had been up half the night dealing with the leaky roof.

a nurse called to tell me to report back to the lab this upcoming saturday for the 3-hour glucose tolerance test. i can't believe i'm dealing with this again so early in the pregnancy. isn't this normally done much further along? i don't have a good feeling about this.



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