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the dryer says "grrr"

i was coming up the stairs from the basement, overloaded hamper in my arms. it was kind of dim (early evening) and as far as i knew, cam and paul were busy somewhere else in the house.

suddenly a small boy showed up in the doorway to the basement. (he must have opened the baby gate because i know i closed it.) i screamed in surprise.

paul: it's just me.
me: you scared me!
paul: how about you do that again?
paul: don't move. [leaving]
paul: [showing up again]
me: [screaming obediently]
paul: boo.
me: [surprised] eee!
paul: that's what jack-o'-lanterns say.
me: jack-o'-lanterns say boo?
paul: yes.
me: oh no, i forgot to turn on the dryer.
paul: [panicked] don't turn it on until i'm gone!
paul: [running away]

why is that the dryer inspires more fear that talking pumpkin heads?



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