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it's not a word i use very often, but i think it applies. lately i've been feeling like nothing is going right, but honestly, i know there are a lot of people would would kill to be us right now.

we're blessed that we have not been really affected by the fires currently ravaging southern california. the worst that has happened to us is that we have a fine blanket of ashes on the floor of our house because we left some windows open.

we're blessed that we will soon be celebrating ten years of being together.

we're blessed that we have a usually happy, generally healthy and amusingly literate almost 4-year-old.

we're blessed that we will be adding to our family come next spring.

we're blessed to have our parents so close.

we're blessed that we work for flexible and generous employers.

i know this is more of a thanksgiving day-type post, but with all the misery and ashes flying around, i just felt like looking on the bright side for a change.



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