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paul's halloween costume arrived yesterday -- a fireman raincoat and boots from gymboree. (he already has a hat to go with it.) when we got home from work, he was at my mom's house. i brought him the coat. he promptly told me that i forgot to get a hat.

me: you already have a hat.
paul: you know what you forgot?
paul: you forgot gloves.
cam: we did forget those.
paul: you forgot boots.
me: no, the boots are in the kitchen.
me: what else did i forget?
me: a hose -- a fire extinguisher?
me: an axe -- a walkie-talkie?

he put on his furry boots (because those were the ones he had worn to go to my mom's house) and fastened up the coat. then we raced across the backyard to get home.

once in the house, i gave him the boots and brought him his hat. he was so adorable. he seemed pleased with his new fireman gear, so i sighed all kinds of silent sighs of relief. knowing my boy, there was a very good chance that he'd disclaim all previous stated desires of being a fireman for halloween. he asked me for a hose that would spray blue paper. i said i'd think about it.

considering that he originally wanted to be the king of all cosmos, i think i got off really easy this year. seemingly out of nowhere he declared he was going to be a fireman instead.

the hat came from cam's mom, who works for the city of torrance (hence the fact that the hat actually says "torrance" on it and came with an activity book). i looked for costumes, but didn't like the cheesiness of them. (and oh my god, the prices!) i think my solution -- raingear -- will work out excellently well.



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