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newish dress

today i am wearing a babydoll-ish dress. i've never worn it to work before -- in fact, the only time i've worn it was to a wedding when i was definitely NOT pregnant. (because, honestly, when you see a bride and a pregnant woman taking a smoke break together, something is really not quite right with that picture) for a while, i was thinking about wearing it to work, but couldn't decide on work-appropriate shoes. then when i discovered that people were speculating about my pregnancy, well, i definitely wasn't going to wear it to give them ammunition.

but today i decided to wear it because the news is out anyway.

him: hey, that's kind of nice.
him: i've never seen you wear that before.
me: why are you critiquing my wardrobe?

but the funny thing is that i'm a little too self-conscious to even stand up because it makes me look so totally pregnant. while i was getting dressed, i realized that wearing a light-support shelf bra with the dress made me look round, so i ran away from the mirror in horror and put on an underwire bra to bring the girls up a bit.

me: [to the mirror] nice -- i'm stacked.

but when i got to work, i suddenly felt like i was a little too much of everything. too busty, too puffy, too silly. i was wearing a muffler when i arrived in the morning, but after an hour of a cold chest, i ended up putting it back on and wearing it all day.

it's a very nice dress, but i think i'll wait until i'm much more pregnant-looking before i wear it again. with my luck, of course, it probably won't fit by then.



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