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sign painter

the other night paul and i were playing with watercolors. i didn't really want to, but it's so rare that paul wants to do anything remotely art-related, so i relented. it's not the watercolors themselves that i object to -- it's that 1) paul likes to mix all of the colors in the paint tray, and 2) paul eventually finds it more fun to just play with the black water he has created with his mixed paints.

cam came up with the interesting idea that paul use watercolors on one of his "homework" assignments -- a craft project he had refused to do at school. paul and i worked on that for a little bit. the parts i painted are hilariously obvious.

when we were finished with his craft (a "paintbrush"), i thought that he'd want to stop with the paints because he seemed to lose interest in them by the end. but suddenly he came up with a new idea -- he wanted me to paint a "sign."

me: a sign?
paul: yes.
me: what should it say?
paul: [singing] what do you do?

so... i painted a sign that read, "what do you do?" he told me to add "all day long" after i had finished it. i put them in parentheses underneath.

paul: [singing] what do you do?
paul: [singing] all day long!

he asked me to paint several more signs and sang the requested text to me.

what went wrong?
what came apart?
what does it take to build a machine?
how good is your day today?
how tasty is your juice?
(my personal favorite -- i can't even say this without laughing)

then we taped them to various doorways for cam to discover. he was, predictably, amused. the signs are still up. i don't expect we'll take them down for a while, even though they do make it a little hard to close some of our doors.



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