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me: hi.
paul: hi.
paul: when are you coming home?
me: after work -- the usual time.
paul: when is the sun going to come up?
me: it's not up yet? [trying to see out window]
paul: just a little bit.
paul: is it going to rain?
me: you know, i saw in the elevator this morning that it was going to be cloudy.
paul: what did the elevator say?
me: partially cloudy.
paul: you know what it says now?
me: what?
paul: snowing.
me: snowing!
paul: yes.
me: then you better wear your boots.
paul: i'll wear my jacket.
me: yes, you should wear a jacket, too.
paul: i like cold.
me: but you don't like rain?
paul: yes.
paul: you know what my weather chart says?
me: what?
paul: snowing.
me: well, that's good if you like the cold.
paul: bye.
me: bye.



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