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portions and things

i've been watching my blood sugars for over a week now, and i have to say that this experience has been extremely enlightening.

for one, it's kind of hard to be a bread-loving vegetarian diabetic. figuring out my starch intake is harder than expected -- i had no idea that some of my favorite vegetables and protein sources were so carb-heavy.

two "proteins" worth of tofu is too much for me to eat in one sitting, but two "starches" of rice only covers the bottom of my bowl.

two "vegetables" worth of raw carrots is overwhelming.

restaurant portions are really out of control. insane. i knew there was a reason why i always averted my eyes from nutritional information brochures and websites. how utterly disturbing to see that my favorite la salsa black bean and cheese burrito is worth almost six "starches" and only two "proteins."

can i live like this?



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