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starter wardrobe

i need to buy some maternity clothes. at 14 weeks, my pants are officially too small. i already have some in storage as i was clearly pregnant before, but at this point of my pregnancy with paul, it was early spring. of course, we don't really have seasons here in southern california, so i suspect that i just want to go shopping. regardless of locale, surely one dresses differently in november than in april, yes?

but the problem is that i'm not sure where to go. recent stories about child labor have crossed old navy and gap off my list, and i've heard such awful things about motherhood (and related businesses) that i refuse to go there. local targets don't have the greatest selection, and the local kohl's is pretty ghetto, my mom says. (okay, maybe those aren't her words, but that's the gist of what she told me.) maybe i should really just dig out my stuff from storage and assess my current belongings before i fling my money into the wild.



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