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turkey day

a couple of days ago it occurred to us that paul would yet again be shortchanged food-wise at an upcoming family gathering. not that paul would really care, but as often is the case, the idea of paul's one or two dishes compared to the family's tableful of food made me very, very sad.

so we decided to make him his own thankgiving feast. out came the big stand-mixer, the cutting boards, the measuring cups, the big bowls, the baking trays, the random herbs and spices that smell like the holidays.

me [peering into the oven]: i have never gone to this much effort before for thanksgiving.

we turned out a very credible little butter-free turkey roast, wheat/dairy-free stuffing (from scratch -- thanks, betty crocker cookbook (there's not a whole lot of call for turkey stuffing in my pile of vegetarian cookbooks)), wheat-free mushroom gravy and nice little crustless dairy/wheat/egg-free pumpkin pies (baked in muffin tins for paul-sized snacking). with the addition of plain mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, plus soy ice cream and soy whipped cream for his "pie," i think paul may have had the most complete holiday meal he has ever had in his entire life.

(me, i ate a tofurky roast for the first time ever. no one else cared for it very much, but as the only regular eater of meat substitutes, i thought it wasn't too bad. the deli slices might be better, though.)



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