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i'm so lost without you

paul complained when i kissed his cheek.

paul: [rubbing face] too wet.
me: what?
me: fine, here is a dry kiss. [kissing cheek]
paul: [rubbing cheek]
me: okay, is there a no kissing rule? [drawing in air heart in circle with a line through it]
paul: how do you write "love"?
me: [drawing in air] l-o-v-e
me: the e is like a swirl.
me: like a c with a little bit extra on top.
paul: [laughing]
paul: watch this. [drawing the word love in a circle with a line through it]
me: no love?
paul: [sighs] i lost my love.
me: how did you do that?
paul: [sighs] it just faded away.
me: that's too bad.
paul: i can get some from you. [hugs]
me: now you have lots of love.
paul: why?
me: because i love you and daddy loves you.
paul: okay.



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