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leave a message after the beep

this morning when i got to the office i saw i had two missed calls -- one from cam's cell and the other from an attorney in tokyo. the little voicemail light was on, so i figured that the tokyo attorney had left a message. i didn't look at the time of cam's call, thinking he must have called last night while i was on my way down to the car.

leaving the phone until later, i started to quickly scan my emails. buried in the pile were two emails from the tokyo attorney, one of them asking for a call back.

the phone rang. it was the tokyo attorney. my first words to him were, "hi. you're impatient."

he laughed. (clearly we're friends.)

i finally got around to checking my voicemail -- to my surprise, there was only one and it wasn't from the tokyo attorney.

paul: hi.
paul: i love you.
paul: bye.

what a great surprise! thinking back, i did see him playing with cam's phone last night, but it never occurred to me that he actually made a call.



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