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little sleep

me: did you take a nap?
paul: no.
paul: nap day is 800 light-years away.
me: huh?
me: are you too old for naps now?
paul: no, i think 5 or 6 is...

paul is not big on naps, now that he's an old man of four. not that he was ever big on naps, but there was a time when the nap days outnumbered the no-nap days. as he gets older, the less he wants to sleep during the day. (which is funny, because the older i get, the more i want to sleep during the day.) he might fall asleep in the car, but he doesn't consider those real naps. (which is funny, because when he was a baby, a 15-minute nap in the car was the equivalent of a 2-3 hour "real nap.") brief snoozes in the car are "car naps" and are dismissed as a commonplace fact of life.

one interesting thing that we've noticed about paul's napping and lack of napping is that he's pretty much ready to sleep at the same time each time, no matter what. sure, if he falls asleep during a car trip after 7 pm, chances are he'll sleep through the night, but more likely than not, he'll be going to bed sometime around 9:30ish. it's kind of nice, this stable bedtime. what a novelty.



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