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cam has been directing paul through a series of very complicated obstacle courses -- climb through tunnels, take two complete spins on the sit & spin, shoot a dart at a punching bag, put on shoes, etc. etc. etc. this is very much a father-son activity.

paul: [to cam] are you done?
paul: [exasperated] you have to stop.
paul: this is taking too long.

but, of course, as he finishes each run, he tells his father the next one should be longer.
paul: overcross.
paul: that means longer.
paul: it's an overcross obstacle course.
paul: you have to reset everything.

he's usually in bed by this time, but cam had him take a long nap earlier today in order to stay awake tonight to watch some of the new year's eve festivities. it seems to me that such active play can only wear him down faster, but since they're having so much fun i'll happily keep my mouth shut.



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