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a few months ago i was pondering what to do for my one pair of reliable pregnancy shoes. i have plenty of shoes (more than i need, certainly), but if this pregnancy was going to be anything like the last, i was going to have to find at least one pair that would fit me through the weight gain and terrible foot/ankle swelling.

last time i lived in a pair of naot shoes (hannover, i think they were called? they were black with red trim), so i thought i'd go naot again. bought a pair of mary janes off zappos, and while they were cute, they didn't quite fit the way i wanted. if i could have found my original shoes on sale somewhere, i would have bought them again, but i wasn't particularly successful in that hunt. (not that i loved them so, but i was feeling a little lazy.) back to the drawing board.

on a set of boards i read, they seem to be constantly extolling the virtues of dansko clogs. i had looked at them before and deemed them a little too... stern. but since my original naots were clog-ish, i figured i'd give them a shot. j.jill had a friends and family sale going on, so i used the discount on a pair of professionals in black oiled leather.

good lord. these shoes were great. i loved them so much, i bought another pair in purple oiled leather. my mom loved them so much, i bought her a pair in black cabrio (she didn't like the oiled finish). we are now dansko fans. what i thought would look clunky and severe makes my foot look positively narrow. what a revelation.

i'm already planning my next purchase...



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