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pink quest

have been searching for THE coming home outfit for the baby. (obviously for the baby -- who cares what i wear? cam thinks i should wear my colts jersey, the way i did when we brought paul home. um, no.) so far i am leaning towards newborn/preemie stuff by zutano, kumquat and tea collection. this little girl will spend most of her early months/years dressed as a boy, so i want to make sure she has at least one girly outfit to begin her life with.

the whole preemie sizing thing is funny. when paul was born, we brought two outfits with us -- a classic pooh sleeper in 0-3 months from target and a funny little octopus preemie sleeper from walmart. (the one time we had ever been to walmart, we bought a baby outfit. we saw that tiny little octopus suit -- heretofore referred to as "the ricky williams babysuit"-- and just fell in love with it. subsequent visits didn't yield such a fruitful bounty, so we haven't been there since.) we had taken to heart stuff we had read that "newborn" stuff never fit, so buy big from the start. of course, the preemie outfit was the only one that fit, despite the fact that paul was nine pounds at birth. i joke now that his body was four pounds and his head was five.

because of this, i was determined to find a preemie or newborn outfit at least for the hospital. if i buy nothing else for the baby, i'll at least have that.



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