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starting with a

paul has expressed an interest in naming the baby himself.

paul: a-b-z.
me: abz?
paul: a-b-c-z.
paul: a-b-c-d-z!

after he was told that "abz" could be short for abigail, he then proceeded to root for abigail to be his new sister's name. we were actually okay with this -- the name had come up before and had failed to excite too much negative feedback -- until i checked the latest social security lists and discovered it was just too freaking popular for our taste. i hated being "grace r." growing up (to distinguish me from grace k.), so i don't really wish to have her go through school as "abigail r." or "abigail r.-c."

paul was really on the abz/abigail kick for a while, but the other night my mother announced paul had come up with a new name. a little warily, i asked what it was.

paul: andalee.
me: andalee?
me: how did you come up with that?
paul: i just said it and i liked how it sounded.

people have given children names for worse reasons, i suppose. cam thinks it's cute. it is cute, but i'm not sold. (plus i googled it and first hit was a belly dancer. hmm.)



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