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as seen on tv: puffs

was sitting at my mom's house watching tv the other night, and was somewhat mesmerized by a commercial fearing a funny little pan for "pancake puffs."

oh sure, aebleskiver, i thought, remembering those funny little dutch pancakes you can buy at the farmer's market. always meant to try them. the ones you could make in the little pan on tv looked okay, and it was amusing to think that the cost included a hundred "pancake turners," which looked pretty much like short skewers.

but then it turned ugly.

the set included a syringe-thing for injecting the puffs with puddings, jams and such sticky sweets. okay, so maybe one might have a fondness for cream puffs and jelly doughnuts. that seems reasonable enough. but then they started showing these puffs filled with MEAT. (i don't think meatballs fit in a syringe.) make mini pepperoni pizza puffs, they declared! make tiny meatball subs! make wee pigs in blankets! it was pretty gross.

explaining to paul about "finger foods" was also pretty gross. "no, sweetie, finger foods are just things you can eat with your hands. they aren't shaped like fingers or made of fingers."

how could paul have reached the age of four without ever hearing about finger foods? i understand why he's not familiar with aebleskiver, but finger foods?



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