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"center stage" was on tv on saturday. oh, how i love that ridiculous movie. and i love susan may pratt, even though she was enough of a bridezilla to kill a guy with peanut butter on csi.

maureen: i am the best goddamn dancer in the american ballet academy. who the hell are you? nobody.

cooper's ballet in the student workshop is just a thing of such farce, i love it. the motorcycle, the simulated sex scene, the tug-o-war, the female empowerment dance set to the music of jamiroquai (i think)... how can you not love it?

paul: what's this?
me: just let me finish their dance.
paul: okay, are they finished?
me: yes.
paul: is the movie finished?
me: no, there's a few more minutes of talking.
paul: fast-forward to the end.

so i did. kids these days, no appreciation for the arts.



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