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legoland is a nice place for little kids. i'm surprised how well the day went. (even though there's not a whole lot for a pregnant lady to do there -- not that pregnant ladies are the intended audience, of course.)

i'm also surprised how many people brought newborns with them. i mean, i understand wanting to appease your older kids, but i swear i saw more than one baby that was little more than a fetus.

i think paul had a good time. he really enjoyed this room where kids got to build cars and send them down little ramps. i think he could have stayed there all day. he wasn't so big on rides (and was only interested in rides he could ride with cam), but he did enjoy crashing a little motorboat multiple times.

we ended up paying an extra dollar a ticket to get three more full-day passes. they're good for nine days. we might end up going back on sunday, i don't know. we'll see. legoland didn't look like much fun for kids older than six, but hey, ours is only four.



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