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a laptop for a boy

we got new computers at work, so the firm decided to offer the old computers at greatly reduced prices ($175 for laptops, $60 for desktops) to employees. cam said to buy two laptops, one for paul and one for one of his coworkers. i dutifully put in my request... and waited several months to be told i could only have one.


i picked up a laptop yesterday afternoon -- a dell d400. i had actually asked for a d600 (i think?), but after waiting half an hour or so in line (doesn't sound like much, but i'm prone to overheating and lightheadedness these days) and seeing nothing but dinged-up and scratched ones, i pointed at a cute little d400 in some desperation and said, "how about that one?"

me: this is actually for a four-year-old.
it guy: then this is perfect.

i don't think the folks here who actually used these computers would be so pleased to hear that.

on the way back to my desk, i ran into someone from my department. "i just bought a computer for my son," i told her. she sighed at me. guess she didn't consider it a wise purchase.

cam has been setting it up and i think it's going to work really well. paul seems to like having his own computer, and honestly, the idea of NOT sharing mine anymore is a very pleasant thought. $175 is a small price to pay for "mommy's computer" to really be mommy's again. i can't count the times i've settled down to use my laptop only to have a boy commandeer it for playhouse disney.



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