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momentary terror, lasting annoyance

last night when cam and i came home from work, my mom's car was gone.

how odd, we think. they're almost always home when we get home, and if they aren't, we always know where they are. huh.

i start to walk up the stairs -- and the front door is open! i yell down to cam, who insists on going inside first. empty. we go to my mom's house. also empty.

i ask cam to call my mom's cell. no response. cam sits by the window while eating a small snack. no dice. since he has a headache, i send him to bed.

about half an hour or so later, my mom calls cam. they're downstairs in front of the house. i go down to help her bring paul up. i am seething. i see paul's left eye is swollen. she claims his eye was fine when they left her friend's house. i let her ramble a bit. i let paul show me his purchase (a little ladybug chocolate). then i tell them, "you guys are in trouble." paul, of course, bursts into tears, so i have to tell him he's not really in trouble. my mother is incredulous. i knew she would be offended that i am not happy that they weren't home when we got home, so i focus solely on the open door. she seems to think that the fact that she remembers slamming the front door closed should make up for the fact that the door was actually open. she gets so upset about it, i just give up. i just sigh heavily.

hours later, i am in misery. gnats are flying all around me. it's a lot worse than it's ever been, and i had already noticed recently an increase in bug activity inside the house. (as a result, the phrase "raised in a barn" has also seen increased activity inside the house.) even when they aren't actually on me, it feels like they're on me and i want to cry and scratch. i know bugs aren't a big deal -- we could have had raccoons and possums in the house instead. stray cats and dogs. things could have been stolen. they were gone for THREE hours, after all. but bugs on a pregnant woman with frayed nerves are just not cool.

my mother just called to randomly apologize about paul's eye and "all that other stuff." am guessing now her conscience is clean. i wish my house was.



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