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redecorate with paint

we spent part of yesterday afternoon at home depot, trying to get paint for the kitchen (touch-ups) and for the crib (i'll talk about this later). while we waited for cam, paul showed me some mickey mouse-shaped paint chips he had picked.

paul: [pointing] this is for me...
me: oh, have you picked your own colors?
me: i've already been thinking about colors for your room.
paul: [confused look] this isn't for my room.
paul: [pointing] that one is for my bed, that one is for the crib and that one is for your bed.
me: wait, wait, hold on.
me: your bed is already painted. [it's whitewashed.]
paul: not really.
paul: when you paint it, it will be beautiful.

how do you argue with that? but then again, how can you paint a BRAND NEW and EXPENSIVE bed? sigh. we brought his paint chips home, but i think maybe i ought to hide them.



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