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as i head into the final weeks of my pregnancy, cam has declared that he will get up with our little poor sleeper. he's been really good about it, too. if i hear whimpers in the night, i wake up cam and off he goes.

last night, however, cam was less than willing.

cam: [mumbling] can you go?

so i got my giant self out of bed and hobbled to paul's room.

paul: [crying] my eyelashes are too long.
me: your eyelashes are too long?
paul: can you cut them?
paul: my eyebrows, too.
me: [thinking] baby, you barely have any eyebrows as it is.
me: we'll see what we can do.

i ended up taking him out of bed and cuddling with him in the chair in his room. comforted, he passed out again. i quickly followed suit. about an hour and a half later, i woke up and put him back into his bed (not an easy feat since i'm under 5' without shoes, 37 weeks pregnant and he sleeps in a loft bed). then i staggered back to bed myself.

poor baby. BUT I WILL NOT CUT THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYELASHES. (what kind of dreams do you have?) so there.



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