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my mother got into a minor accident today -- one of the rear doors on her pt cruiser swung open and smacked into a parked car. she didn't even realize it until someone following her stopped and told her to go back because it was the nice thing to do. she went back and knocked at the door of the house where the car was parked. no answer, so she seemed to feel she was off the hook.

when she told me about this, i just looked at her. jesu cristo. i told her to go back to the car and leave a note. how can she assume a car parked in front of a house belongs to the owners of that house? and just because no one answered the door, how does that absolve her of responsibility?

me: i know if you went outside and saw your car had been damaged you'd be mad.
her: [wheedling] but it's not really a dent.

sometimes i feel like the parent in this relationship.



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