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toothy, part 2

cam took paul to the dentist to have his cavities treated today -- and cam was in tears. one cavity was filled and the other afflicted tooth received a stainless steel crown. it wasn't the work that bothered cam so much as the system of restraints in place to ensure paul didn't run away or, you know, move. cam said it reminded him of "a clockwork orange."

pediatric dentistry appears to have changed a lot since i was a kid. i was looking over the paperwork the dentist's office sent home with cam and was startled by all the choices available for behavior management. cam had opted for the "papoose board," which ended up being essentially a straitjacket and head restraints. his other options were nothing, varying levels of conscious sedation (which the dentist recommended), pain relief via gas mask, and general anesthesia. good lord. is this all supposed to reduce one's fear of the dentist?

for the record, paul was a champ. he's my brave boy. he had a freakout period while the lidocaine was wearing off (he feared he was having an allergic reaction and cried for benadryl), but apparently was otherwise unscarred. cam, on the other hand...



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