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zero tolerance

i don't know why, but i am having the hardest time dealing with my mother now. i know i can be thin-skinned where she's concerned, but damn, life with her is a freaking hot mess right now.

the last straw came when i realized she was reading my mail.

her: [defensively] the envelope was already open.

i was also less than pleased to discover that she was perusing the contents of my desk. apparently if it hasn't been filed, it's fair game. what a snoop. i haven't nosed around her paperwork since i was a teenager (i still remember the time with great amusement when i came upon my parents' marriage license and realized it was dated five months before my brother's birthday. (oh, snap.) to be fair, it's not like they were necessarily hiding this fact from me -- and both of my parents were in their 30s already.). i already lock my file drawers because i don't want paul pulling stuff out. i had no idea that it would also be a mom-deterrent.

one time her reasoning was that the stuff she was looking at was from the credit union we both use. sure, but it's not your account. did i ask you to review my refi papers? are you now a mortgage broker in your spare time? give me a break.



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