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all's well

just had nola's two-month checkup (a little early) and it looks like things are going the way they should. the not-so-wee thing has grown half an inch and about three (!) pounds since her last appointment. i mentioned cutting out dairy and the ped seemed to find that interesting (combined with the fact that paul and i have food allergies -- i don't think that bodes well for an allergy-free life for nola). she was most amused by the way nola abruptly stopped crying when she caught sight of herself in the mirror. the poor thing had reason to cry again later when she received three shots and an oral vaccine. (paul couldn't stand to watch, so he made cam take him to the lobby.) but she didn't cry for long -- she fell asleep shortly afterwards.

now she is post-feed sleeping on my lap. sweet little baby. i am glad you are doing so well.



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