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elimination diet, take two

a week or so ago, nola started to develop a red rash on her face. it got a little worse each day. at first it was just bumps. then her cheeks were covered in a solid mass of raised redness.

"baby acne," i said confidently and dismissively.

but i was not particularly confident. flashbacks to paul's angry red and weepy face rash in his infancy sent me to the internet. eczema? allergic reactions? i made the decision to cut out dairy, and her skin improved immediately. she still has little red bumps on her chest and back and (double) chin, but her cheeks are clear. her next well baby visit is tomorrow, so we'll have to bring it up to the ped then. because of paul's allergy history, we need to be particularly vigilant.

going on an elimination diet for paul's sake was hard, but this time around is even less pleasant (which is pathetic because i've only cut out dairy at this time). the reason for this is because i became really really dependent on cheese as a protein source during my pregnancy. (love tofu, but i sort of soured on it during the gestational diabetes diet once i realized just how much tofu i needed to eat in order to meet my dietary needs.) now that i can't have cheese, i'm at something of a loss. my standbys, my quick and easy go-to meals are now verboten and i am by turns depressed and pissed. i know it's lame, but whatever -- this is my reality. if i can't have a little whine OR cheese, why the hell do i even have a blog?



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