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goldilocks one and two

call us stupid.

back before paul was born, we did excessive research. (surprise!) bought what we believed to be the very best mattress for his crib -- the colgate classica I.

he never liked sleeping in his crib, so we didn't force it. instead we became reluctant co-sleepers -- it was super-convenient for middle-of-the-night nursing, so i was fine with it, and when i went back to work i enjoyed having that extra cuddle time, but truth be told, we would have been thrilled if he had slept in his crib every once in a while, especially when he reached the age when perpendicular became the position of choice (head on cam, feet on me, or the other way around).

damn, that was a long sentence.

he slept with us for a long time. as he got taller and taller, the bed seemed to shrink. his nursery was kind of a waste -- it was just a place for diaper changes and to keep clothes and toys. why did we decorate the room? why did we spend $300+ on a crib?

we were determined that nola would not sleep with us. yeah, well, we failed in that regard. she would sleep in the crib for an hour or two during the day, but at night she never lasted more than a half hour at a stretch. in the beginning, i would take her to the living room and we'd sleep on the couch (me sitting up with her in my arms). after a few weeks, we ended up sleeping in the bed together.

a lightbulb went off the other day. what if, god forbid, it was the MATTRESS that was the problem? what if a softer crib mattress (concrete would be softer than the classica I) would make nola a happy crib sleeper?

we went to babies'r'us last sunday and picked one out, but couldn't buy it because it wouldn't fit in the car if we had any kids with us (and nola was with us). today cam left us all at home so he could buy it.

nola has been asleep in her crib for about two hours now. jesu cristo. how very rueful i feel.

cam: wow, it's almost like a real mattress.
cam: we kept feeling the [old one] and saying, "it's so hard."
me: and doing nothing about it.
cam: yeah.

to think i could have spent paul's early toddlerhood in so much more comfort is a little irksome, but oh well, it's nice to know that quite possibly we might get our money's worth out of the crib.



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