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no more jommy

i HATED the instant star finale. too many things going on and nothing resolved. it's not like i wanted happy endings for all and sundry, but what people seem to consider "open-ended," i call "loose ends galore." the entire season just felt so rushed (due in part, yes, to the-n's decision to air the whole season in a month), and too many storylines. we needed more zeppelin and jamie, we needed more jude and tommy. (i may be 33, but i could probably watch the kiss at the end of "gimme gimme shock treatment" fifty times.) maybe even a little more kwest and sadie (and darius). i like spied, but reality show with karma just got on my nerves. blu was pointless (never a fan of manny, anyway), paegan abandoned a sinking ship (the way they got rid of him so quickly was sad), and megan was psycho ("2 am" was pretty, though). oh well. another pleasant diversion sunk.

of course, now that i've read this again, i sound like a temperamental tween. har. sure, tommy was often an absolute ass, but when they were together, he and jude were just so damned on. the way she ended things on stage and sang about "so-called love wearing thin" just made me sad sad sad for him.



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