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stuff we do when cam isn't home

today i irritated my boy by shooing him away from the tv because he was disrupting my game of "defend your castle" (while i was breastfeeding, how about that?) but i think i made up for it by getting him a silver medal in fishing via wii play. then i amused him by taking pictures of his grandfather's mii dancing at our pokemon ranch. i'm not sure that this is the mom that i'd thought i'd be, but at least nobody actually sees this stuff going on but my mom and the kids.

(for the record, paul and i also pretended to cook the fish we caught, created a lego factory out of legos, set cricket/rat/roach traps as directed by the baby and hunted for imaginary spiders. i also baked vegan cupcakes. so... i didn't spend the entire day sitting on my ass.)



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