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the new truth

we've been trying to wean paul of "ginormous," but it's not really working. (still don't know where he picked that one up.) instead he keeps coming up with new and stranger variations.

paul: i looked up "pimormous" on the internet.
paul: it says it's a real word.
me: does it?
paul: [satisfied] yes.

he was pleased enough by his cleverness that he decided that it would be a good idea to once again cite the internet as his own personal knowledge bank.

paul: this is how you count:
paul: one nine eight seven six five four three two ten!
me: what?
me: that's not right!
paul: i looked it up on the internet and it says that's right.
me: don't believe everything you read.
me: just because you saw it on the internet doesn't mean that it's the truth.
paul: yes, it is true!

god give me strength.



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